4 Easy Steps To Make A Great Facebook Competition.
Facebook Competition

So, you want to run a competition. That is great news! However, you need to make sure you are not breaking any rules. We have put together this easy to follow guide to make sure you are doing the right thing. RULE ONE: What is considered a promotion? And what is the difference?  Promotion is […]

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Do Parents Need Limited Screen Time
Put the Phone Down

Screen time. There tends to be a HUGE debate when it comes to our children. What about us, the parents. A recent study has shown that many children are feeling neglected, looking to their parents for support and attention and they are too busy texting and scrolling social media. I am for guilty, the Junior […]

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Who do you trust with your brand?

While it’s been widely reported that approximately¬†90% of people trust peer recommendations, there’s has been some negative press of late when it comes to the use of influencers.¬†However, like everything, there is always one or two who ruin it for everyone else. Take for example the White Moose Cafe and their “BloggerGate” with blogger Elle […]

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Is Snapchat Dead? Natural selection in the digital world.
Social Media Management

This morning Instagram announced its “New” search for stories features, funnily enough, a day after Snapchat announced a very similar feature. You can now search locations for stories in a certain area; where Snapchat has introduced events stories, much of a muchness. What does this mean for Snapchat? It was the new kid on the […]

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