Size Matters

Don’t you hate it when you are scrolling through social media and the images are not sized to fit? This has a negative impact on these brands, however, is simple to fix. Let’s think about creating your social media collateral like baking a cake. When you bake a cake you need to be meticulous when […]

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Do Parents Need Limited Screen Time
Put the Phone Down

Screen time. There tends to be a HUGE debate when it comes to our children. What about us, the parents. A recent study has shown that many children are feeling neglected, looking to their parents for support and attention and they are too busy texting and scrolling social media. I am for guilty, the Junior […]

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Who do you trust with your brand?

While it’s been widely reported that approximately¬†90% of people trust peer recommendations, there’s has been some negative press of late when it comes to the use of influencers.¬†However, like everything, there is always one or two who ruin it for everyone else. Take for example the White Moose Cafe and their “BloggerGate” with blogger Elle […]

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Is Snapchat Dead? Natural selection in the digital world.
Social Media Management

This morning Instagram announced its “New” search for stories features, funnily enough, a day after Snapchat announced a very similar feature. You can now search locations for stories in a certain area; where Snapchat has introduced events stories, much of a muchness. What does this mean for Snapchat? It was the new kid on the […]

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