Put the Phone Down

Screen time. There tends to be a HUGE debate when it comes to our children. What about us, the parents.

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A recent study has shown that many children are feeling neglected, looking to their parents for support and attention and they are too busy texting and scrolling social media.

I am for guilty, the Junior Director has been known to say “Mummy, put your phone down” or that one time she threw it across the room… #parentfail

We have made it part of our routine to close down the computers when she gets home from childcare. However, the phone is just a small extension of the same thing.

When you are running a social media business, the expectation that is expected is that you are always on. This is something I have let happen, and only I can change it.

We need to find a balance, not just for ourselves, but for those mini me’s who are looking to us.
How do you deal with your screen time when you are with your children?