Don’t you hate it when you are scrolling through social media and the images are not sized to fit? This has a negative impact on these brands, however, is simple to fix.

Let’s think about creating your social media collateral like baking a cake. When you bake a cake you need to be meticulous when it comes to measurements, or your cake could be a disaster. When you create your social media collateral, you need to measure them out to make sure they fit the right platforms. Without this, your posts will look unprofessional and haphazard. Especially if you are using the same content on multiple platforms, it looks like you don’t really care about your followers. While it works on Facebook, it doesn’t work on LinkedIn for example. Take the extra few minutes to resize, think of your audience, to do this you can use Photoshop or Canva.

Crane Creative has put together a little infographic for you so you can make sure you have the right measurements to make the perfect cake. Or you can contact us to make the cake for you.



Social Media Size