How Social Media drives your marketing and business.

It’s time to decide – how successful do you want your branding to be?

Do you want it to differentiate your business, amplify your credibility and most importantly, attract, engage and retain profitable customers?

Or, do you want your branding to be so-so, to lack substance and your customers will take it or leave it. Or worse, they’ll just go looking for your competitors.

It’s a no brainer right?

Then check your social media pulse.

Because if your social media isn’t the beating heart of your marketing, you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s 3 compelling reasons why you need to get savvy with social media in 2019.

1. Remember that humans buy from humans.

Whether you sell products or services, want subscribers, donations or workshop participants – you’re selling to humans who want to connect to humans.

Your followers and customers want to make a tangible connection to your business.

Connection builds trust. Trust builds relationships and trust makes sales. Enough said.

So how do you create connection? Simple. Let your followers find out who you actually are.

Out of all of your traditional and online communication touchpoints, socials are the best place to display your brand’s human side.

Because they’re anything but static. Social media is:

  • Nimble. Respond to real-time trends, excitement, issues and concerns.
  • Expansive. Tease out the information you’ve written so succinctly on your website and brochures to give a boatload of reasons to love you!
  • Interactive and engaging. Create and foster strong customer connections.

A great example of this is that when I first started Crane Creative, I was using stock photos and fairly beige imagery really.

But the moment I stepped away from this and used photos of me the engagement has been huge!

2. Stop Questioning Why You Need Social Media!

Are you still not convinced about the amount of powerful connections and profitable relationships that social media can generate?

Then here’s a slightly ridiculous, yet undeniable figure. (Maybe put the cup down, I wouldn’t wanting you snorting coffee all over your screen).

In 2019, there are around 2.77 billion social media users.

And, our friends at Statista predict that the number of worldwide users on social media will reach 3.02 billion monthly active users by 2021.

Yep, you read right. That’s one third of Earth’s population, scrolling their feeds by 2021.

Social media is definitely a business necessity.

3. Use your unique brand story to successfully stand out.

In this digital age, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages and potential solutions to their problems.

Everywhere. They. Go.

Which is why you want to use your social media channels to tell your brand story, stand out from competitors and create common connections.

We’re talking about the insights that evoke the “ooh tell me more” or “I’m right there with you” response.

The trick is, to keep your heart pumping.

To be a savvy social media marketer, it’s all about the drip feed. You need to:

  • Know and use your brand voice.
  • Go behind the scenes.
  • Relate to what’s going on around you, don’t just flog your wares.
  • Plan ahead, but be spontaneous too.
  • Share your Whys. Why you started and why you love what you do.
  • Not be afraid to share real insights into your brand and daily life in business. Failures and successes.
  • Be a storyteller, giving readers posts they can relate to and connect with.

But, you don’t have to get uber personal. Being human is about being personable.

So, are you ready to be more successful with your branding?

Yes, it’s an absolute necessity in 2019 and beyond, to make your social media platforms the beating heart of your brand.

No other touch point can be as expansive, engaging and nimble as what socials can.

And thankfully, gone are the days when it was seen as ‘unprofessional’ to be personal or real.

Telling your brand’s story on social media is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate, foster deep connections, boost credibility and create profitable, long-term relationships.

Wins all round.

And if you decide to continue ignoring socials, it’ll be a case of…


You’ll be getting the paddles out to resuscitate your brand.

Yes please! It’s time to get my brand’s Social Media heart pumping.

Need help creating a tight social media strategy that Aligns with your Business Goals, Expands your Reach and Drives Customer Engagement? Give us a shout.